Castor Oil For Hair Side Effects: Prevent Growth And Cause Loss

castor oil for hair side effects

Castor oil is prevalent natural oil widely used for hair growth. One must know castor oil for hair side effects to using it properly. It is also known for one of the ancient hair growth remedies. Castor oil is also known for its unique anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties, and it’s also beneficial for dandruff.

Before you use anything even a natural remedy, you should take all the necessary precautions. Castor oil can create a serious mess with your hairs if you somehow failed to use properly. If you have a particular skin condition or any allergy to castor oils, then you should stop using it as it can trigger various other diseases as well related to hairs and scalp.

These were just few core benefits of castor oil, but there are some side effects as well so if you are here to know about castor oil for hair side effects then you should stick to this post carefully.

Despite Benefits, List of Castor Oil For Hair Side Effects:

There is a possibility that one thing which is working for you might not work for your friend as well. Similarly, besides the amazing benefits of castor oil, there are some side effects as well which you should seriously consider before using it.

Hair fall is One of The Castor Oil For Hair Side Effects:

Excess of anything is bad for our body, if you are using a little amount of castor oil once or twice a week then it’s ok but it exceeds it can cause permanent damage to your hairs. Although it has very few side effects, we feel that it’s our responsibility to share our experience and knowledge with our beloved users.

Itching is Also Amongst The Castor Oil For Hair Side Effects:

As you know, castor oil is rich in triglycerides and various types of fatty acid so there is a possibility that the oil can be itchy to some people. To avoid this side effect, you should apply a few drops on your scalp and wait for 5 to minutes if you witness any side effect then don’t use castor oil in the future.

This reaction happens very rarely because everyone has different skin type and skin sensitivity so you should use any natural remedy that suits you. There are specific natural ingredients that are considered irritants so castor oil has certain components which can cause some minor or chronic skin conditions.

Final Words:

There are various other side effects of castor oil as well that you should be considered with because most of the time there are specific side effects which are not reported, so there is a possibility of various side effects.

As we have mentioned earlier, you should try a patch on your skin and wait for few minutes before using castor oil on your hairs because you will surely witness any possible side effects during the first 5 to 10 minutes of applying a patch.

It’s also seen that some people take anti allergic medicines before applying castor oil on hairs, but we will not recommend you because once anything is causing any reaction with your body, you should stop using it right away. Don’t forget to check our other posts related to castor oil because there are some countless benefits of using this oil as well. The reason behind this detailed article is not to devalue castor oil but to create an awareness based on facts.


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