6 Ways To Use Coconut Oil For Hair Before And After

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Coconut oil is useful and most in-demand oil today. The coconut oil doesn’t typically moisturize your hair — no the oil actually does — but if used strategically. Coconut oil could usually add shine, soften, and assist repair the dry hair. Following are 6 great ways that you might incorporate coconut oil for hair before and after for your hair routine.

  1. Use Coconut Oil like a “Pre-poo”

Here is a trick that is especially helpful for the folks with curly or dry hair. You need to avoid your scalp. Coat your hair with the glob of coconut oil for an hour before going for the shower. The coconut oil secures each strand of your hair from drying out when you shampoo. Wash the coconut oil from the hair after shampooing them and then apply your favorite conditioner. But in case your hair is thin then the coconut oil may be too much. So take the amount of oil according to your hair. Coconut oil for hair before and after a shower is good.

  1. Pump up the Conditioner

The coconut oil would give your conditioner some kind of hydrating boost. After applying the conditioner to your hair, add one layer of the coconut oil on the top. As the coconut oil is occlusive hence this would trap hydrating ingredients of your conditioner within the hair. It allows them for penetrating the shaft quite effectively. You have to wait for 15 minutes or one hour before washing the hair. In old times, people applied coconut oil for hair before and after bath to make them smooth and shiny.

  1. Leave the Oil In

It’s a handy fix for folks with dry and thick hair. After shampooing and conditioning your hair, brush your favorite moisturizing cream throughout the hair. Coconut oil for hair before and after a shower is good to get rid of dryness. Now, take one quarter-size amount of the oil and apply this on top of moisturizer. Then, dry the hair as you usually do. The coconut oil would lock in your moisturizer and assist hair to stay hydrated for a long time.

  1. Bling out the Hair

Take some dollops of the coconut oil and put them in the spray bottle. Now, spritz the hair for the natural shine. In case you are working with coconut oil which has solidified then put this bottle in the bowl of lukewarm water for just a few minutes. Your coconut oil would revert back to liquid.

  1. Fight Frizz

For the frizzy hair, take a few drops of coconut oil. Apply the coconut oil on your frizzy hair. It fights frizz.

  1. Swim Fearlessly

What is the worst part of swimming? The chlorine, as well as saltwater, are not good for the hair. Before you go to the beach or pool, you need to apply coconut oil on your hair for safety. The coconut oil acts as a barrier between the water and your strands. Hence, coconut oil for hair before and after is good if you go swimming.

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