What Helps Hair Grow Back Faster, Thicker And Longer With Vitamins

what helps hair grow

In this artice, i am going to tell you most useful detail about what helps hair grow by use of nutrients having vitamins and proteins.

There are around 5 million hair follicles on our entire body, and our head has about 100,000 hair follicles on average. With the passing age, this amount decreases slowly which often results in hair thinning.

The hair growth depends upon a few main factors which include our age, hair type, health and any chronic disease that we have.

Usually, hair grows around 0.50 inches a month, but you can increase this ratio if you are having the right diet and other natural habits that we are going to discuss with you today so that you can learn what helps hair grow.

What Helps Hair Grow Back Faster, Thicker And Longer With Vitamins and Nutrients

There are various companies and popular brands promoting multivitamins for hair growth, but they don’t always affect the hair growth at all due to some reasons.

Keep in mind that you need to have a balance between various vitamins and nutrients your body to have fast hair growth otherwise the results won’t show up quickly.

Vitamin A, D, and B-5 are known as building blocks for our hair follicles because they carry various essential nutrients.

What Helps Hair Grow Back Faster, Thicker And Longer By Applying Natural Oils

According to study natural oils like coconut oil, jojoba oil, and castor oil increases the hair count naturally. You can also mix these oils for impressive results as they all are risk-free natural oils which will give the utmost benefit to your hairs.

These essential oils will not only increase the hair growth, but they will also protect your scalp from various infections and dandruff due to their anti-bacterial properties.

Use Protein

Hair follicles are made up of a specific type of protein that is responsible for the hair growth. It also protects your hair against harsh weather conditions polluted environments. Some of the primary sources to get proteins naturally are Yogurt, Vegetables, and Red Meat, etc…

You should avoid having protein supplements that are widely available in the market. These protein supplements have lots of side effects and risks while the majority of them contains steroids which can result in chronic kidney failure all of a sudden.

Why everything Fail?

If none of these treatment options works for you and still you have severe or sudden hair loss, then the following reasons might be the cause.

  • Family History of hair loss.
  • Hormonal changes (especially in young adults)
  • Poor diet with lack of essential nutrients.
  • Using certain medicines.
  • Trauma or any head injury in the past.
  • Depression and Anxiety.
  • Any chronic illness.

You should immediately consult any health specialist or your family doctor to discuss your problem if you are having any of these problems.

The Bottom Line

Don’t get disappointed too early as these treatments will need some time to show up the results. Our body performs thousands of functions daily so you should wait for the results.

Keep your self-hydrated everything and adopt these habits in your life which we have mentioned above, we are sure at the end you will be impressed with the long lasting results.

Hairs won’t grow all of the sudden or overnight; they need time, nutrients and most importantly a healthy routine. Make sure you sleep at least 8-10 hours daily because certain hormones which are the response for hair growth are released only when we are asleep.

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